About Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake (#11-0062) is a general development lake located in Cass County, about seven miles south of the City of Remer, and is entirely enclosed within the Thunder Lake Township. The Thunder Lake Watershed is part of the Mississippi River – Grand Rapids Watershed and is one of the smaller watersheds in the state.

Thunder Lake has a surface area of 1,330 acres and a maximum depth of 95 feet.  Approximately 226 acres (17 percent) of the lake is within the littoral zone (having a depth of less than 15 feet) and the water clarity averages 20 feet.

The highest recorded water level on Thunder Lake was 1305.6 feet above sea level on May 18, 1999.  The lowest recorded water level was 1300.08 on March 14, 1935.  The Average Water Level since 1937 has been 1304.94 while the ordinary high-water level is 1305.4.  Within the past 70 years the water level of Thunder Lake rarely fluctuates more than 12 inches making it one of the most stable lakes in the state.

Fun Facts:

  • Springtime ice-out on Thunder Lake usually occurs by April 21st.
  • The lake has approximately 15 miles of shoreline.
  • There is one DNR public access on the lake.
  • The lake is surrounded by thousands of acres of National, State and County forest land.