Lake Preservation

Thunder Lake is home to many species of wildlife. From day to day, you will be surprised at what you see.

The Association Board takes its responsibility of preserving the quality of Thunder Lake and quality of “up north” living for our members and the surrounding communities very seriously.  Collectively we’re committed to providing information on topics and issues facing our lake and promise to work hard to preserve the treasure we have today and for generations to come.

First and foremost, our members volunteer countless hours to collect and submit water samples for testing each year. The samples are taken from specific sites on the lake (main lake, west bay and south end) during the open water season and are submitted for analysis.

Learn more about the water quality and trends for Thunder Lake.

We also partner with Cass County and local businesses to provide educational opportunities for members and the general public to learn about Aquatic Invasive Species, and we support the in their boat inspection program, especially as boaters come and go from the public access.

For the fishing enthusiasts, we participate in regular fish stocking activities undertaken by the Department of Natural Resources.

Lake preservation activities is a priority and we welcome comments, suggestions or inquiries to participate in our efforts.