Thunder Lake Sportsmans Club

Gun Range Observation Platform
Thunder Lake Sportsman's Club
Thunder Lake Range Stall

The Sportsman Club is an advocate and supporter of environmental and wildlife conservation practices throughout Cass County.

The Sportsman Club is committed to maintaining the water quality of Thunder Lake and connected watersheds through Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) education, shoreline erosion control, water quality testing, boat safety, and fish stocking.

The Club facilities includes a target (rifle & pistol) and trap shooting range for its members and the local community.  Throughout the year we support and host firearm safety classes for youth and adults (through certified firearm safety trainers), maintain and provide a practice facility for local law enforcement agencies, and host Thunder Lake Association and Sportsman Club gatherings. Many of the gatherings are fund raising events to provide financial support for various Thunder Lake projects.

Sportsmans Club Range rules, new membership form and club waiver form can be found in Important Documents.